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Fun-da-Mentals of Bright Minds has been providing critical thinking based educational products to children, students, and adults for over 6 years.  We are experienced in assessing individual needs and goals through interviews and discussions and matching these to material that the individual will enjoy working with and learning from.  Our services, and the products we provide, are not only beneficial for individuals experiencing difficulties in one or more academic areas, but are helpful to anyone looking to advance their education.

We specialize in providing materials that have been specifically designed to introduce and enhance critical thinking skills in reading comprehension, language arts, math, science, and logic studies. The material is suitable for all age levels, learning abilities (struggling through gifted), and environments (public, private, home, or business); increasing an individual's ability to perform tasks in both figural and verbal thinking in areas such as compare/contrast, analytic anaylsis, and logic exercises.

We develop a shared plan to facilitate learning with these critical thinking materials, incorporating the individuals learning styles (audio-sequencial, visual-spacial, and kinesthetic), anticipated learning timeframe, and personal goals into the individualized strategy.

The material and the implementation strategy will prepare students to improve standarized testing and increase their academic grades.

Our goal is to provide not just critical thinking materials but the means to learn from the materials effectively through a individualized strategy that helps the individual meet their learning objectives through a fun and engaging process.

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